Life Tip #48

Always put your family before money.

Scenario: Your great-paying job forces you to be on the road 100 percent of the time, but at the same time your middle- to high-school kid is having difficult, even dangerous, times back at home. Then you get an offer for a new job where you can be back home full time, yet it pays 40 percent less.

Question: What do you do?

Answer: You grit your teeth and you take that new job.

Folks, we simply must be there for our kids! And while I hate to emphasize any one particular age, this applies especially when those kids are teenagers who are trying to navigate that perilous bridge between childhood and adulthood. They need their parents to be present at that time more than ever! Even if they claim to hate us and our discipline, we still need to be there. If we’re not present for them, their not-yet-fully-developed brains will translate that into us not caring about them. At least if we’re present, they’ll know that we care, despite how strict we are on them.

I am certain that one of the greatest factors in high teen suicide rates, and high rates of other self-destructive behaviors by teens, is that their parents are either not present, or they are present…yet aren’t.

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