Life Tip #173

Don’t cry about the hand you were dealt. Play it to the best of your ability.

We may have been dealt a bad hand, but we still have a choice as to how we play the hand we were dealt. I was dealt a pretty good hand, in that I could have gone straight from high school into the family business. If I had, though, I would have been a slave to that life.

If we want to fully experience this world, it comes down to the choices we make. I’ve heard the most amazing stories of people who were dealt a bad hand in life, but they chose to reject that hand and create their own whole new hand. Sometimes the bad hand is exactly what we need to spur us into action. Being dealt a good, mediocre, or easy hand can actually be the greatest curse of all because that hand seems too logical to pass up.

Bonus Life Tip: The following reminder cannot be stated enough, as it applies to many areas of our lives, but especially to our life choices: Not making a decision, not making a choice, is itself a decision and a choice.

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