Question Everything

How many of us have ever had a “Truman Show” moment?

If you’ve seen the movie The Truman Show, which stars Jim Carrey,  you’ll recall the end of the movie, when Truman discovers that all his life has been a façade. It was a very powerful scene, where most of the TV show viewers were rooting for Truman to summon the courage to shun what was his fake life and step out into the unknown.

You would have to see the entire movie to appreciate the full weight of the scene, but I will include that scene here for those who wish to see it again: The Truman Show final scene.

How many of us have had moments like that in our lives? Of course, not to the extent that the character Truman did, but many of us do find ourselves discovering that what we thought were grand truths…were in fact lies.

We realize that we’ve been being controlled, manipulated, or that we’ve been deceived in some great charade. The culprits range from the news media or the government to those much closer to us: parents, relatives, clergy, teachers, or professors.

After discovering the charade, we can choose to be bitter for the ensuing days, months, years, or we can merely thank God for our discovery, and move forward having learned the painful lesson. After discovering the truth, we have the chance to step out into a new reality.

There are two basic lessons here. One, to always be vigilant over lies in this world, and two, to have the courage—once you have discovered a lie—to shed yourself of it and move toward the truth.


“Question Everything” ~ Euripides

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