Life Tip #130

Your passion is your passion. Ignore what anyone says about it.

What is my life’s passion? I have always been fascinated with learning how and why individuals, people, societies, and nations behave the way they do. So, I have spent my life observing why people think and do the things they think and do. This is why I loved majoring in Economics for my undergraduate degree, because it is the study of how the world works on both the macro and micro levels. Why people and nations make the buying decisions that they do, for example. Or why people pursue the careers they do.

You’re thinking, Wow, that’s pretty boring! I can feel you thinking that right now. Well, this is my passion! Your passion is yours; mine is mine.

And that’s the Life Tip. Disregard what anybody and everybody else says or thinks about your passions. Ignore the naysayers and go for it! You’ll be happy pursuing your passions while the naysayers wallow in their own miserable existence.

Anyway, if I can get back to my passion now. After observing and studying people and society for thirty-odd years, it’s well past time to fully act on that passion by helping others to see what I’ve seen, to learn what I’ve learned. I am starting with this book. My passion is to do whatever I can to help people make their lives better, happier, and more successful. I want to help people have better functioning lives, gain more self-awareness, make better life choices, and generally live more fully.

So. what is your passion?


“Life is a hypocrite if I can’t live the way it moves me!” ~ Christopher Fry

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