Life Tip #263

Travel to places and have adventures that are both unique and awe-inspiring. This should include adventures that are a little kooky and off the beaten path. That’s where we really learn about ourselves, by experiencing very different scenarios than we are accustomed to. That’s when we learn how different parts of the world function, how different people think and live.

I think I love South America so much primarily because so few people from the United States seem to go there. While most people I run into takes cruises, go to Vegas or Florida or the typical tourist spots in Europe, I would rather experience a world that you never hear anything about. The vast beauty and the unique history of South America will always make it just about my favorite place on earth. And I’ll put Iguazu Falls, the Strait of Magellan, and Jesuit Mission ruins up against anything in North America, the Caribbean, or Europe.

The more bizarre the adventure the better, if you ask me. My greatest memories include forays into Goth bars in San Francisco and questionable hotspots in Amsterdam, hiking at the bottom of the world in Chile, and exploring mysterious locales in the U.S. There was the “Denny’s Death March” in Santa Cruz, experiencing the man-made Salvation Mountain in 115 degree temperatures, and surviving strip searches on the Belgian border. That’s the stuff that truly adds perspective to one’s life.

Trust me when I say that experiencing such oddities—and so far from home—really changes one’s view of the world. It is the wisdom of experience, and I truly believe that the more of it you can have the better.

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