Life Tip #163

Be kind to our homeless brothers and sisters.

I realize that there are many homeless people who scam us, some who make us nervous, and even some who seem ungrateful. But the vast majority of homeless people need our kindness, and they need that as much as our money if the truth be told. Look them in the eye, say hello, and give them a smile.

One of the saddest things I’ve heard from homeless people—on multiple occasions—is the depression, loneliness, and shame that sinks in because the world makes them feel invisible and not worthy of even a look in the eye. Shame on us!

If you recognize a homeless person that you pass by regularly, why not strike up a friendship? Bring them a cup of coffee from the gas station, especially on those cold winter mornings. I did this when I worked in downtown Cincinnati not so long ago. I quickly realized that giving this guy money or buying him useful things (gloves, backpack, etc.) was a lost cause because he always seemed to lose them or have them stolen. So I gave that up, but I still enjoyed bringing him a cup of coffee and talking to him whenever I saw him.

In fact, this gentleman was a heck of a lot more interesting to talk to than the stiffs in the office. Trust me on this: homeless people will be more honest and open, and less fake, than most of the other people you come across during the average day.

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