Life Tip #212

The following quote stands as its own Life Tip. It rings true as much today as it did more than 30 years after it first appeared:

“Nobody really believes in anything anymore, and everyone spends his life in frenzied work and frenzied play so as not to face the fact, not to look into the abyss.” ~ Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind

I can’t imagine living that way, to keep myself in frenzied busy-ness just so that I won’t have to look inward at my life, for fear that what I might find is that my life has no meaning. What a horrible way to live, to always have the nagging question in the back of my mind that perhaps my life has no meaning, and worse, that I continue to do nothing about it. Yikes! The awareness of this abyss would grow stronger with each passing year, until in old age I am racked with guilt, regret, and a looming fear that I wasted my entire life. Have I terrified you yet?

Don’t do that!


“If I only knew who I am. Which I am I?” ~ Yevgeny Zamyatin, We

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