Life Tip #3

Avoid the path of least resistance.

Beware apathy in all areas of your life. I see it everywhere, and I’ve fallen victim to it myself. We become apathetic in our jobs and careers, in our relationships with friends and family, in our spiritual life, and in our own personal growth and development.

It is when we think we’ve achieved the good life that we are most susceptible to becoming apathetic. Many people on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, don’t believe that they can reach their dreams at all. So they just “settle.” They blame society for their station in life, and they become resigned to the belief that what they have “will just have to be good enough.”

The “path of least resistance” is called that for a reason. With the least effort comes the least results, the least gain, the least achieved.

Avoid apathy and paths of least resistance!



“There were always well-developed plans in Jeeter’s mind for the things he intended doing, but somehow he never got around to doing them. One day led to the next, and it was much more easy to say he would wait until tomorrow. When that day arrived, he invariably postponed action until a more convenient time. Things had been going along in that easy way for almost a lifetime now…” ~ Erskine Caldwell, Tobacco Road

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