Life Tip #164

Give, and volunteer, in secret.

Above all, give without expecting anything in return. Give without expecting a thank you. Give without expecting attention.

I puke a little bit in my mouth every time I see a so-called “random act of kindness” that just happened to get filmed on someone’s smartphone, which then just happened to get sent to the media, and then…by golly…the press decided to run the story and now the Good Samaritan is sitting on Fox & Friends or Good Morning America to talk about their good deed.

No, no, no!

The only time it is okay, in my humble opinion, to give publicly is if you are trying to encourage others to do the same. And even then we must be careful about it. We should be giving in secret almost exclusively. The Bible stresses this in several verses. If you are giving with an eye toward receiving credit or applause, then you are partly doing the good deed for selfish reasons. Besides, you aren’t fooling anyone anyway.


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