Because They Could

A Cautionary Tale by Kurt Borne

They made fire, because they could. They realized the effects were good. But they never considered how exactly it was that they could. They were just happy that they could.

They learned to write and share ideas, because they could. They thought, “Since we can it must be good.” But they never stopped to consider the wonder of it all, just that they could.

They ruled over others, because they could. “We’re stronger than them, so for us it’s good.” But they never stopped to consider the danger, and whether they should, only that they could.

Before long they started doing all kinds of miraculous things, because they could. But they also ruined things, replaced things, sometimes even themselves, because they could. Never questioning if they should, only satisfied that they could.

And so it continued ever more, just because they could. They never once stopped to ponder what made it possible that they could…only proudly pleased that they could.

In the end they went too far, just because they could.

Then suddenly they no longer could, because something, or someone, else…would.

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