Waiting for “Superman”

I just viewed the movie/documentary Waiting for Superman. It really did not tell me anything new that I didn’t already know, or at least suspect. More than anything it increased my disgust with the bureaucracy (administration and unions) of our education system.

That being said, this film omits what I think is another very significant part of the problem – disengaged parents. “Waiting” makes it seem like all parents are awesome and engaged, and that everything that’s wrong with our education system is due solely to the “broken system.” I believe that, unfortunately, as much as we hear about disengaged teachers, there are just as many disengaged parents who are not investing the time in their own children’s education.

I’m including here some clips and links to some of the most interesting information and statistics emerging from the documentary. It is definitely worth watching in its entirety if you are an educator. I think every teacher (union or not) should be forced to view it. Click each link below to see a clip or article:

Education vs. Incarceration

Saving America’s Schools (Michelle Rhee)

The Dance of the Lemons

Bill Gates Testifies before Congress on U.S. Education System

The Global Talent Crisis

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